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Jeff Talbot

Jeff Talbot

Jeff G. Talbot joined Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd as an Estate Planning Advisor in December 2008. He boasts over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, and has a broad understanding of the finer points of both individual and corporate tax and insurance planning.

Jeff's industry experience gives him a unique viewpoint on the tax-reduction strategies available in the marketplace. He is also well-versed in succession, retirement and estate planning solutions for businesses and families. Jeff understands that estate planning is not independent of other factors within a solid financial plan - his holistic approach involves working with clients' existing teams of financial and legal advisors to the maximum benefit of the client. The end result is a concise financial strategy that encompasses clients' personal and financial goals. Jeff also provides expert advice with regard to leveraged insurance strategies, charitable gifting, and corporate benefits plans.

Jeff is involved in many industry and tax-related organizations, and is a frequent participant in product and strategy development groups. He has been published in a variety of publications in and out of the financial industry.

He is active in a number of sports, and on the weekends enjoys spending time in the mountains with his wife Erin and three children.