SAGE’s Investment Philosophy

Our approach is to invest in companies that pay dividends and grow those dividends over time. These investments, time and again, outperform all other investment strategies.

At SAGE, we monitor and manage equity investments through a model we created, called the SAGE Dividend Growth Model. Ninety percent of the companies in our model are dividend payers and the majority of these have a history of increasing their dividend payments, known as dividend growers. The chart below illustrates the superior performance of these companies

Total Annual Returns Chart

Our investment philosophy is directed at simplicity and transparency. We do not invest in complex or other financially engineered products. We invest with a long-term investing horizon, and on a "long" only basis. We focus on established global companies based in the developed markets in North America and Europe. Our objective is to generate above average dividend yields with below average volatility. In order to protect portfolio capital and also to realize profits we adhere to a strict sell philosophy. Individual portfolio holdings are initiated at 1-3% positions and are not allowed to exceed 5%.